Sailing Paradise Funen

Sailing Paradise Funen

 AssensMiddelfartNordfynKerteminde and Nyborg has a lot to offer our sailing visitors, and look forward to welcome you to our destinations.

We have a wide range of activities to offer our guests. The nature is diverse and beautiful here on Funen - activities range from hiking in the beautiful nature, play in the sand on the child-friendly beautiful beaches to a lot of culinary experiences. If you are looking for cultural activities, this area offers a number of very unique museums: Museum Vestfyn, CLAY - Keramikmuseum Denmark in Middelfart, Kartoffelmuseet on Nordfunen and Johannes Larsen Art Museum in Kerteminde. The cities are also home to many craftsmen, come and be inspired by our many galleries ...

We would, once again, like to welcome you to our beautiful cities, and if you want additional information that can't find here, please visit our websites.

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Charming villages, well-maintained towns and port cities facing its friendly and inquisitive face off against the coasts and the big world

Examples of experiences
 Otterup Museum The oldest house in Otterup Otterup Museum shows you how people lived on North Funen 100 years ago. It's a small but very nice museum, absolutely worth visiting. The building is the oldest secular house in Otterup, built 1722 as a poor house, at that time called a hospital.
The museum has a permanent exhibition about life in the old days. Each year, there is a new exhibition. Opening hours 13 June-end of August: Thursday-Saturday at 11:00-14:00 Friday 15:00-17:00

Appointments outside the official opening hours can by made by contacting the attendant: Niels Henrik Nielsen, +45 6179 2716
or by e-mail:

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 Kogehuset / The cooking house Kogehuset / The cooking house

The old listed cooking house was built in 1824.

It was used for cooking on the waterfront,
as open fires were not permitted on board
the wooden ships when they were moored
at the harbour.

Free admission.
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 Torø Fishing Grounds Torø Fishing Grounds
Depsite the name ("ø" means island) Torø is in fact a peninsula linked to Fyn by a tongue of sand. All around Torø there are spots woth visiting at any time of year. Many fish are caught here, but they are rarely very big. This means it is a good choice if you have not had much luck and want to "get things moving". Do be very careful with the numerous under-size trout you chatch here. Show consideration for the numerous birds in the area, especially between 1 April and 15 July. P: Parking at Torø Huse by the community hall. Facilities at the site:
• parking spaces
• toilets
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Kerteminde - haven ved havet