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     Restaurant Fænøsund Enjoy Lillebælt and a lovely meal - close to the shoreline
    With a view of the serene and picturesque island Fænø and Fænø sound, you're sure to wind down and are able to enjoy a calm meal with danish classic for lunch and modern gastronomy at night. We also offer party reservations and meal deliveries.  
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     Strib Automobilmuseum You can now enjoy a large unique collection of cars and motorcycles from a bygone era, with a view of Lillebælt, and situated on a beautiful spot in Strib.
    Rolls-Royces, Cadillacs, Buicks and many other outstanding vehicles are presented in the museum. You can for example see a Cadillac from 1908, which is still going strong.
    The collection houses cars from Denmark and abroad, from noblemen, other private collections, manors and castles, such as the beauty from Schackenborg Slot, now the home of HRH Prince Joachim and his family.
    Visit the Automobile museum in Strib, you will not be disappointed.

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