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     Kvickly's Bistro Kvickly Bistro
    The Bistro in Kvickly is a modern Bistro which includes coffeeshop as well as fast-food. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee or treat yourself to the Meal of the Day or a simple hotdog, whatever your heart desires. 
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     Whale Watching on the Little Belt The Little Belt is full of little whales. Go whale watching and see the world's smallest whale, the porpoise up close. The Little Belt has one of the world's densest populations of porpoises, so you are guaranteed to spot them... You can book a trip with departure from either Middelfart or Fredericia. Hvalsafari with AVENTURA - departure from Fredericia and Middelfart
    The popular Whale Watching tours depart from either Middelfart Gl. Havn or Fredericia Gl. Havn (Old Harbour) on different days of the week. Relax and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding and hear skipper Henrik tell stories of the porpoises and the porpoise hunt that took place up until the late 19th century. Due to listening equipment on board, we will be able to hear the porpoises communicating with clicking sounds, if they weather conditions allow this. You are welcome to bring your picnic basket or packed lunch. Access for the disabled is possible from Middelfart. Please make an agreement with the skipper in advance: call +45 21 65 05 67 Hvalsafari med Mira3 - afgang fra Middelfart Gl. Havn
    Skipper Line take you on a trip with departure from Middelfart Gl. Havn, startingpoint at the end of Havnegade. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while you look for porpoises. The Little Belt offers beautiful natural sceneries on both sides of the belt. An experience for the whole family
    Go on one of our Whale Watching tours on the Little Belt and experience the porpoises in their natural environment. We are often able to spot the porpoises hunting fish, e.g. herring. They hunt alone as well as in a pack. When in a pack, they are able to stress the fish to seek towards the surface and then they have a regular feast. Often the seagulls will join the ”party”.
    Just as many other whale species, the porpoise uses sound to find food and the sound volume is among the loudest in the animal kingdom. The loud sound makes it easier for the porpoise to register echoes. They make clicking noises, which last just a blink of an eye, but the number of sounds and the volume are unlimited. About the porpoise
    Length: approx. 180 cm.
    Weight: 60–70 kg.
    Age: Min. 25 years
    Protected species in Denmark since 1967.
    Last porpoise hunt in Middelfart: late 19th century (except during World War II due to lack of lamp oil).
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     Whale Watching in Fredericia On a whale safari in The Little Belt, you and your family will meet the porpoise, one of the world’s smallest whales. Aboard the ship, the view is divided into sections like a clock face, so it is important to be alert – and be the first one to see a porpoise’s dorsal fin when it pops out of the water. That’s when you shout: “Porpoise at 12 o'clock!” This means that everyone aboard is responsible for keeping a lookout – who will spot the most porpoises? And in addition to seeing the porpoises, you will also be able to listen to them, if conditions allow. When a suitable number of porpoises have been identified, those aboard are invited to listen closely. You’ll hear the clicking sound the porpoises make when they 'talk' to one another underwater. In the pilothouse, you get to be the helmsman and help the skipper sail the big ship and bring the passengers safely through the waves. The skipper will show you how to steer the ship based on his commands. After the journey, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a nice diploma.  Water Experiences View on map