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     Fishing waters in Thorsminde Thorsminde - where the Nissum Fjord and the North Sea meet. The harbor in Thorsminde, silence of silent charm and lively activity. Thorsminde is a town with a very special location on the narrow landmarks between the North Sea and Nissum Fjord. Wherever you go in the Thorsminde area you have a nice view of fjord, dune and sea. The main business is fishing, and of course it has put its mark on the town. It is always exciting to see when the cutters come in from the sea and unload the fish. The harbor is located just behind the dunes and the entrance and is bounded by two long piers in the North Sea. A stroll on the slopes is - regardless of the weather - always an experience. The whole area is a popular area for anglers, from early spring to late autumn. You an catch many different types of fish in sea and fjord, but especially in spring when the herring comes, and later when seafish and mackerel arrive, fishing is in progress. You also have the opportunely to catch a sea trout or salmon when the fish passes through the lock to the Nissum Fjord. For fishing, only the state's fishing license is required, which can be obtained from the tourist information office in Vedersø, Fisk og Fritid in Thorsminde or online. Every year, the great herring day in Thorsminde attracts thousands of tourists and locals of all ages to compete. Look into the auction hall when there is a fish auction for the tourists. It's going to be great, so you really need to be awake if you have to follow, but it's an experience you should not miss. Watch a video from Thorsminde. Sights of Thorsminde. Nature Experiences View on map
     Dueholm Kloster Experience the atmosphere in the old convent, which tells a story about monks and nuns, brave knights and fair maidens. See the many old and well-preserved items that generations of locals have protected and thus today are irreplaceable treasures in the museum’s collections.

    You can see anything from the vikings’ sword to the finest china and glassware from our great-grandparents time. In other words, there’s something for everyone. The museum’s great collection of toys could easily be named Children’s Paradise. See every boy’s dream and every girl’s highest wish, and tell your own children or grandchildren about the time when their grandfather was a child. 

    There are many activities at the museum throughout the year. From special exhibitions to executions by people who show and tell about their skills for a day. 

    Dueholm Kloster is a part of the Museum Mors. Wenn you have paid the entrance fee you can free visit: Dansk Støberimuseum, Fossil- og Molermuseet og Skarregaard.
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     Store Ryde Mølle Store Ryde Mølle near Vinderup is hundreds of years old and is idyllically situated in hilly terrain. The distinguished old mill consisted of both farm, mill, bakery and grocery trade and has belonged to Rydhave Slot. Store Ryde Mølle is one of many water mills, which over time has utilized the power of the water here in the melting water valley. The road passes through the building complex and you automatically set off to enjoy the view and hear the water's noise from the mill lake. Once you get through the nice courtyard you can stop for a moment on the hilltop and enjoy the most beautiful view of the Store Ryde Mølle. The mill is mentioned back in history. Only in the first 30 years of the 20th century the farm became a living center for western part of Ryde. Also, farmers from Handbjerg and Borbjerg transported their grain to the old mill to ground the grain. In the farm there was also a fairly large feed stuff business and bakery which was shut down around 1910. In 1922-23, the electricity came to Ryde and the farmers got their own grinding mill. Thus the interest in large mills disappeared. The mill is currently privately owned. Kulturmilieus View on map