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     Thyborøn Hotel Thyborøn Hotel is a newly renovated hotel, located in the center of the cozy fishing village of Thyborøn and with the beautiful North Sea just behind the backyard. The hotel has 15 double rooms decorated in a modern Scandinavian style. All rooms have their own toilet and bath. The double rooms are on the first floor, where there is access to a lovely terrace with tables and chairs.
    Free parking is available in the backyard. The cozy and authentic fishing village of Thyborøn has the North Sea to one side and the Limfjord to the other.
    Thyborøn Hotel is just 200 meters from the most beautiful sandy beach. In the summer, the lifeguard tower is manned - so you can safely swim in the North Sea. Take the holiday to visit for example the Sea War Museum, the Kystcentret, the Jutland Aquarium, the Snail House, the amber house Ravhuset and the Bovbjerg Lighthouse and the beautiful cliff. Here is a sea of ​​activity opportunities for young and old, as well as very unique natural areas, where the obvious to explore - whether on foot or by bicycle. Reception opening hours:
    Monday - Sunday at 8 to 17.00.
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     Trail of Ancient Times - Stubbergård Sø - "Æ swort hus" Stubbergård Lake and Flyndersø is a partially buried tunnel valley with dead holes. A tunnel valley is where large amounts of melt water under the ice with high pressure have pierced the main stay line. When the ice began to melt, large numbers of death slums were left in the tunnel valley. As they melted, the current landscape with many dead holes was formed. These are the largest of these you can see today as Stubbergård Lake and Flyndersø. The main residence line and Oldtidsvejen hit the south end of Stubbergård Sø, which together with Flyndersø make up the easternmost of the four large tunnel valleys in Geopark West Jutland. Get an appetite for the food by taking a walk on the Mosestien (1.7 km) or a trip to the ruins of Stubber Monastery (2.3 km). The Mosesty passes "Æ swårt hus" which is an old ridge list. On a small peninsula on the western shore of Stubbergården lies the ruins of Stubber Kloster. The monastery belonged in the Middle Ages under the Benedictine Order and was, until the Reformation, a major power factor in the region. Just north of the abbey ruin you can see the remains of a sheepfold and sheepfold, which travelers on the old north highway used when they stopped for the night. The area also houses a rich bird population, and if you are lucky you can hear rumen and maybe see an osprey or otter. Hiking Routes View on map
     The North Sea The North Sea - The foaming sea along the west coast of Denmark is a popular excursion spot both for couples and families. The great nature with wide horizons to the north and to the south offers long sand beaches. All year round a walk on the beach is a sure hit. A walk in the fresh air gives you red cheeks and new energy. Enjoy the roar of the waves while the kids gather rocks and sea shells, and visit the old bunkers from WW2 - but pay attention! The sea and the ravages of time have left their marks on the bunkers. A swim in the North Sea is a wonderful experience on a lovely summer day, but please observe the great forces of nature of the North Sea! Pay a visit to the authentic fishing village of Thorsminde, where the village is situated on the very verge of the dunes. Here, you meet fishermen in the harbour, where you, too, can throw out your fishing line, or you can enjoy a fresh caught fish at the auction hall during summer. In Thorsminde you also find Strandingmuseum St. George, which exhibits the story of English ships of the line on the coast. The rough North Sea to the west is the diametrical opposite of the so often calm and smooth Nissum Fjord, which forms the east line of the village. The view from the harbour bridge in central Thorsminde with the North Sea on one side and the fjord on the other is a marvellous sight. Video of Thorsminde. By Vedersø Klit - especially during summer - you find a wide range of cosy activities for both children and adults. Græm Beach near Husby received an official FKK-sign (bathing in the nude) in 2017. Many people the a swim here most of the year - and here you may take a swim even without you bathing suit. Water Experiences View on map