The Danish Riviera

The Danish Riviera – thousands of adventures await you!

Royal North Zealand, the Danish Riviera, Copenhagen’s green front garden… It goes by many different names! 

Visit beautiful North Zealand, where countless amazing adventures await you. 

While the world has an abundance of stunning beaches, the coasts of North Zealand boast some of the best beaches in Europe and a totally unique holiday ambience.  The beaches and the idyllic harbours line the coast like a string of pearls. You will discover how each harbour is totally unique, but how they all share a common history of thrilling seafaring and trade. Eat at top-notch restaurants and charming cafés. Read our nautical tales and cock-and-bull stories of pirates and shipwrecks. Get to know the friendly shops on the north coast and enjoy an ice cream in the harbour. Listen to a concert from your boat. 

The Danish Riviera is a place for romance and relaxation, cultural activities and an abundance of opportunities for quality time with the people you care about. Work up a sweat with a healthy bike ride in our beautiful countryside or enjoy total peace of mind as your fishing rod gently bobs in the crystal water. You simply must disembark from your boat for a tour of North Zealand, relishing all the experiences that await you in this stunning corner of Denmark.  

Visit us and discover our fascinating North Zealand – all year round!

-Thousands of adventures await you!


Ten beautiful harbours line the coast of the Danish Riviera like a string of pearls. Visit us and discover all the things that make North Zealand such a unique destination.

Examples of experiences
 Hvide Klint – ”The White Cliff” The majority of the coastline between the two market towns of Frederikssund and Frederiksværk is densely built-on with summer houses, but south of Frederiksværk you can find a green oasis between the highway and the beautiful Roskilde Fjord. The coast between Frederikssund and Frederiksværk is quite hilly, and the highest point on that stretch of coast is at 55 metres. The northernmost cliff, which is now a protected area, is known as Hvide Klint – “The White Cliff”. Today, this cliff does not distinguish itself that much from the other cliffs in the area as it is partially overgrown, but up until the middle of the 20th century, the coast was not protected from destruction by the sea. The cliff was worn away by the harsh weather and heavy seas, and this brought out a bright white colour from the underlying sand, which was visible from out on the waters of the fjord. Nowadays, the white colour is only visible when wind and weather cause the slopes of the cliff to slide down.In 1939, colonel Hans Peter Parkov ordered the construction of a wooden building that functioned as holiday camp for children and youths. The building was named Hvide Klint, and it still exists but now belongs to the local municipality, Halsnæs Kommune. The building and other initiatives in the area form the setting for outdoor teaching and activities.Hvide Klint was designated a protected area in connection with the establishment of Bakkestien – a recreational hiking trail – in 1978, and the green oasis in the densely built area is now preserved for the future. If you want to experience the area’s natural beauty at close range, take the Fjordstien hiking trail from Frederiksværk to Frederikssund. This trail goes straight through the protected area. It is 20 km long and marked out, making it the perfect hiking or bicycle route for the entire family (see map of Fjordstien 3 (website in Danish)).Off Hvide Klint you will find a long bathing jetty with a platform at the end, from which you can take a refreshing swim in the fjord.If you need entertainment for the youngest of the family, the tourist association Oplev Halsnæs has created a treasure-map app, NaturSkatten (“the Treasure Trove of Nature”), for iPhone and Android (only available in Danish). Take out your smartphone and go on a quest to find the nature treasures in the area – read more and download the app here (website in Danish).If you are on a canoeing or kayaking trip on the fjord, you can enjoy a unique overnight experience at Hvide Klint. The place is home to Denmark’s first floating shelter, Havhytten. It is located on the water in Roskilde Fjord off the bathing jetty, and you can spend a night on open water with a beautiful view all around you – across the fjord, to tidal meadows with interesting bird life – and not least to the White Cliff.Source: Local paper Halsnæs Lokalavis (website in Danish)Picture: Halsnæs KommuneCoordinates:  Latitude: 55.951492
Longitude: 12.021648
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 57 Burger & Beer 57 burger and beer is a restaurant where we have 57 kinds of beer, you can get delicious burgers, salads and pasta dishes. We are located right by the Kregme roundabout in Frederiksværk. In addition, we have a restaurant in the center of Hillerød. Our burgers are made from simple principles without excess packaging. Here it is the pure taste that is at the center. Just like our beer, all of which are carefully selected. Eat well View on map
 City Bakery The biggest bakery in Frederiksværk. It is located in North Centre at the end of the pedestrian zone. Here you can buy bread and cakes, and order cakes for special occasions. Shopping and cafés View on map