Blue Eastern Jutland

    Examples of experiences
     Snorkel trail at Trelde Næs Jump into the water at Trelde Næs and experience life in shallow waters. Follow the snorkel trail which runs along the beach. The snorkel trail is for beginners and intermediate snorkellers.   What can you experience?

    When swimming at the beach, we do not normally experience what is going on underneath us, but life in the shallows is actually very exciting. There is plenty of life and we hope that our snorkel trail will make you more aware of it. The first theme along the snorkel trail is “Life in Shallow Waters”. You have to dive down to this post. Hold your breath, read the text and try to answer the question. There are pictures to guess and six questions to read and answer as you progress along the snorkel trail.
    You will of course have to bring your own snorkelling gear with you, but otherwise the underwater trail is free for you to use. There is a chain for you to follow between the six concrete blocks, so you can always follow the chain to get to the right spot. The start and finish of the trail are indicated with large orange buoys.
    The snorkel trail is 100 metres in length.
    There will be changing themes along the snorkel trail.
    The first theme is:
    - Life in Shallow Waters
    The next theme (in June) will be:
    - The Little Belt Nature Park   Facts
    Directions for drivers: Drive towards Trelde Næs. At the end of the road, you will arrive at a car park when you can park up. Then walk down the gravel road towards the beach. When you leave the woods, you will see the snorkel trail to your left shown with two orange buoys.   Google Earth
    Latitude: 55 37 29 N 
    Longtitude: 9 50 48 E   In an out of the water: The snorkel trail is accessible from the beach front   Highlights: toothed wrack, bladder wrack, shrimp, crabs, pipe fish, sea stickleback, flatfish and small fish   Best season: All year round   Depth: max. 1.70 metres   Length: 100 metres
    Current: Tidal waters on the Vejle Fjord side near the snorkel trail at Trelde Næs are normally calm.   Difficulty (1-5): 1   Licenses required: None   Facilities: There are public toilets by the beach at Trelde Næs where you can change clothes.   Photography: Plenty of opportunities for macro photography on the snorkel trail
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     Knowledge and exhibition centre Økolariet Explore Økolariet (The Ecolarium), an exciting knowledge and exhibition centre about nature, the environment, energy, climate, innovation and technology. Get pedalling on the power bike, learn about waste treatment and the sewers, and visit the recycling town! The Ecolarium offers many learning experiences. You can travel through the exciting exhibits that feature film, living organisms, interactive knowledge tests and eye-opening experiences. Touch, feel, move, try tests and draw your way through lots of interactive experiences. You will learn how the world is affected by human consumption and how research today affects our lives tomorrow. The Ecolarium is located in central Vejle and everyone is welcome to drop by. Free admission to the exhibition spaces. Activities for children View on map
     Historic hike the forest, waltermill and Færgegården 150 years ago there were only three settlements in the area: the gamekeeper house Søkjær, Hellebjerg watermill and Færgegården. These three places and many more, you will pass on this 5 kilometers long route. Experience the coast, forest and city centre on three walking routes in and around Juelsminde and get told all the good stories from the city. Scan the QR-codes on the routes with your mobile phone and get stories and pictures on the way. The routes are between 2 and 5 kilometers long. Hiking Paths View on map