South Coast Of Denmark

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     Trolleycycling Trolleycycling

    Enjoy the countryside in a completely new way - rent a trolley cycle. A different type of experience for the whole family.

    The route takes you from Tommerup Railwaytown to Assens, a trip of about 30 km. The route goes from Tommerup Railwaytown to Tommerup and on to the small village of Nårup, with its old station. From Nårup the route goes along the woods of Krengerup to Glamsbjerg, Flemløse, Ebberup and Assens. Between Glamsbjerg and Assens you will get a view of the interesting looking Dreslette church, the beautiful Helnæs bay and the charming fishing village, Thorøhuse. Your can start your journey at Assens, Glamsbjerg or Tommerup. The bikes always have to be returned to starting point.

    Trolley cycles are easy to pedal. They fit up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children including luggage. Children under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult. You can use the trolley cycles from the 9. of April to the 17. of October.

    Tlf.: +45 2337 8466


    Circle K
    Odensevej 14, 5620 Glamsbjerg
    Tlf.: +45 6472 2202

    Tallerupvej 16, 5690 Tommerup
    Tlf.: +45 6476 1418

    Camp One Assens Strand
    Næsvej 15, 5610 Assens
    Tlf.: +45 6360 6362

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     Horsens Museum Horsens Museum is located in a building from 1915. Here you will find an exciting permanent exhibitions and different events over the course of the year.  Learn more about Horsens' history in the exhibition "Glimpse of Horsens" and hear the story about the local and world-famous explorer Vitus Bering. In addition, the museum has a cemetery in the basement. The special exhibition “skeleton stories” show skeletons and artifacts from archaeologists' excavations at various cemeteries. Opening hours Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
    July and August 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Entry fee You can visit Horsens Museum free of charge.   Museum Pass - visit 4 Horsens museums in 7 days Experience 4 museums in Horsens with just one ticket: The Museum Pass gives you 7 days access to FÆNGSLET, Denmark's Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum. You can look forward to lots of exciting experiences and stories. With the museum pass, you save money on the entrance fee and also get a cup of coffee or tea in Café Gaslight at Denmark's Industrial Museum and in Café Lorentzen at Fængslet. Remember to check opening hours on the individual museum's website before your visit, as some of the museums are closed on Mondays outside the high season.   You can buy the Museum Pass at the entrance to one of the four museums or you can book your Museum Pass online here > If you book online, choose the date you want to start using the pass. Remember to print your ticket before going to the museums.
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     Restaurant Hyttefadet At Restaurant Hyttefadet you can get a specialty that has a 15 year old history.
    One night a handful of hungry sailors came by Hyttefadet  after closing hour of the kitchen, these sailors were served some flatfish which were completely fresh and were still sizzling in the pan when they were put on the table with an egg tray as a tablecloth.
    Today 15 years later, the fresh flatfish are still served in the pan and on an egg tray. Pia and Lars who own Restaurant Hyttefadet take pride in serving the guests so they get a good experience, whether it is inside the restaurant or out on the terrace overlooking the harbor. Come and visit Hyttefadet for lunch or evening and taste the specialty of the house.
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