Wild Horses at Langeland

In the southern part of Langeland and near Tranekær in the North, you can experience wild horses – more specifically, the Exmoor pony which is closely related to the now-extinct European wild horse. 

The wild horses of Langeland have been mainly left alone with minimum human interference. In the southern part of the island, around 60 wild horses live in the area between Dovns Klint (Dovns Cliff) and Søgård, and in the North around 25 wild horses live on the premises of Tranekær Gods.

The horses have other duties than just being a tourist attraction – they serve an important function by maintaining the landscape. They graze the meadows on which they live, allowing sunlight to reach the ground surface, enabling many plant varieties to grow – which in turn feeds the many animals living here. The wild horses are more timid than their domesticated relatives – and if they feel threatened, they will defend themselves. Please follow the rules of behaviour listed below, when you are inside the horses’ fencing – for your own safety:

  • Keep a safe distance from the horses – at least 50 metres
  • Do not clap or feed the horses
  • Do not go in-between the horses. They must have the necessary room to run away
  • Do not disturb the foals
  • Dogs are not allowed in the fenced area

Se more here: www.langeland.dk

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