Anholt Havn

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  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn
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  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn
  • Anholt Havn

Welcome to Anholt Marina. Anholt is a picturesque, sunny and peaceful island with an abundance of stunning natural sights. In other words: Certainly worth a visit.

Anholt is an island of outstanding natural beauty which attracts a lot of tourists, especially boaters. The marina can accommodate a large number of sailboats, a handful of fishing boats and the island’s lifeline, the Anholt-Grenaa ferry.

The port office, kitchen facilities and bathroom facilities can all be found in Anholt Marina’s impressive Sailor House. There is also a large public grill area close by, which is popular among boaters.

There are plenty of opportunities to soak up the sun and go for a swim, as nearly the whole island and its 25 km of coastline is encircled by pearly white beaches. Shelters can be found all along the beaches, the waters are safe for children. Anholt is a small tropical island paradise in the heart of Kattegat with plenty of sunshine.

Boaters also have the opportunity to visit the impressive Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, which is located off Grenaa. Its 111 wind turbines has become an important landmark for the island.

Read more about activities and sightseeing near the harbor in the event calendar below.

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Port taxes
Freeport: No
Harbour tariffs 0,00 m. - 11,00 m.150,00 DKK 0,00 m. - 0,00 m.200,00 DKK 0,00 m. - 11,00 m.215,00 DKK 0,00 m. - 0,00 m.150,00 DKK 11,00 m. - 13,00 m.200,00 DKK 11,00 m. - 13,00 m.270,00 DKK 13,00 m. - 15,00 m.250,00 DKK 13,00 m. - 15,00 m.325,00 DKK 15,00 m. - 0,00 m.350,00 DKK 15,00 m. - 18,00 m.440,00 DKK 18,00 m. - 24,00 m.660,00 DKK 24,00 m. - 0,00 m.880,00 DKK
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Phone 86319008
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