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News regarding Corona and further opening of borders

Last update, 17. august 2020

New entry rules into Denmark as from Saturday 15 August 2020:

The 6-days rule has been abolished – as of 15 August 2020. When you sail to Denmark, you therefore no longer have to fill in a form as documentation of which ports you should visit during the first 6 days.

Persons entering Denmark fall into one of the three following categories: 

Persons resident in Scania, Halland, Blekinge, Schleswig-Holstein or Norway can enter Denmark regardless of the purpose of their entry if the region meets the criteria for being classified as open. 

Persons resident in a country classified as 'open' (yellow) may enter Denmark, no matter the purpose.

Countries other than EU Member States, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom are currently by definition 'banned' countries (orange). Persons resident in a country/province classified as banned can enter Denmark if they have a worthy purpose. 

English information
Learn more about the situation on or call +45 7020 6044.

German information
Sie können auf oder telefonisch +45 7020 6044 mehr über die Situation lesen.