Hundested Havn

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Hundested Harbour lies between bay and ocean and right in the city center. Hundested Harbour offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery, while there in the old fishing port is a culture and experience harbor. In the morning the fish is landed by local fishermen and later that exudes the atmosphere of galleries, restaurants, glass factory, a brewery and an experience platform, where you can touch the fish and catch crabs. If you want to spend a day in Copenhagen, you find the train right on the pier next to the tourist information. The harbor offers every year many highlights in the form of intriguing projects, art marked, sandsculpture festival and harbor festival with the famous fried fish, visits of historic ships, herring day, and not least of all activities in connection with the port's 150 anniversary. Welcome to Hundested. The small unique port city, which exudes the presence, quality and heart blood.

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Port taxes
Freeport: No
Power: 2,75 kr. pr. kWh.
Wifi: Inkluderet i havnetaksten
Laundry: 50 kr. pr. vask
laundromat: 30 kr. pr. tørring
Bicycle rental: 50 kr. pr. dag
Camper: 170 kr. pr. nat
Harbour tariffs 0,00 m. - 8,99 m.170,00 DKK 9,00 m. - 11,99 m.190,00 DKK 12,00 m. - 14,99 m.220,00 DKK 15,00 m. - 99,00 m.300,00 DKK
Contact information
Phone 4793 7234
Harbour Plan
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  • Deutch
  • English