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  • Gilleleje Havn

The living harbour The scent of tar, fish and sea floats on the breeze when you take a walk on Gilleleje Harbour. The large, beautiful gulls sweep low through the air or stand on the pier eyeing the tourists curiously, as if to say: We live here. What are you doing here? Gilleleje Harbour is a living harbour. The charming sounds of the fishing boats mingle with the sounds of knocking and hammering in the shipyard, and the chatter of tourists adds to the music of the place as the day progresses. There is always something going on. The harbour is always alive. From sunrise to sundown. Gilleleje Harbour is one of North Zealand's largest industrial ports, but is also open for pleasure boats of all sizes. New bath- and toilet facilities. 24-hours telephone: 40 16 66 63. Opening hours: Morning: 7-8 Afternone: 16.30-17.30 - Evening: 20-22 (only season).

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Port taxes
Freeport: No
Power: 20 kr. pr. dag
BathToilet: Køb badekort i automaten
Wifi: Inkluderet i havnetaksten
Harbour tariffs 0,00 m. - 2,45 m.150,00 DKK 2,46 m. - 3,45 m.180,00 DKK 3,46 m. - 4,45 m.200,00 DKK 4,46 m. - 0,00 m.300,00 DKK
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